Selling Guide

Time to sell like a pro. 

Follow these four simple steps to start selling your items successfully on Basaar.

  • Open the selling view by tapping the yellow + icon in the middle of the bottom menu bar.
  • Take photos of your item. You can take up to  photos of your item: front (which is also the cover photo), side, back, detail (to show some special details or the material up close) and look (a full length photo of how you wear the item). Check out our Photo Guide for some tips on how to take great photos.
  • Enter details (in english) such as category, size, brand and name your item’s price. Listing your item on Basaar is free, but we’ll take a small commission fee if your item is sold. Shipping fees are paid by the buyer.
  • Share your item with your followers to boost your sales! It takes just a few taps to share your item on social networks.

If someone buys your item you will get a push notification and an email with instructions on how to pack and ship your item. Basaar will also email you a prepaid shipping code for extra easy shipping.

Once the buyer has received your item, you will receive your Basaar Credits, which you can spend on new items on Basaar or cash out at any time by pressing the Withdraw button on your profile. Easy as that.

Here are some tips how to make your items more attractive:

  • Take many photos of your item, because items with more photos sell faster. Check out our Photo Guide for some tips on how to take great photos.
  • Include the original price of your item to show how great a deal buyers are getting.
  • Write a detailed description. Be sure to include the condition, material, sizing and age of your item. You get extra points if you include a story.
  • Price your item competitively. Check out other items in the category to determine a fair price.
  • If you’re selling a more expensive item, include photos of the packaging and the labels to show the authenticity of your item.
  • Share your Basaar item on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Questions? Comments? Please contact us at or read our FAQ.