Terms & Conditions

Using the Basaar

  1. The owner of Basaar is Basaar Group OÜ, registration code 12413084, address Vaba 19a, Tartu, e-mail address care@basaar.com.
  2. Basaar Group OÜ offers the service of renting sales space, where it is possible to buy, sell and exchange goods. Basaar Group OÜ does not participate in transactions, among other things, Basaar Group OÜ is not a party to transactions, nor is it an agent, broker, representative, owner, or commissioner of users.
  3. The user of the Basaar (hereinafter the User) is a natural person or legal entity (entrepreneur) who has registered an account in the Basaar. When creating an account, each User chooses a unique username and password. The user is solely responsible for ensuring that the chosen password does not fall into the hands of third parties (including that the chosen password is not too simple).
  4. In the Basaar, Users can be a buyer, sellers, and exchange goods. All relevant contracts are considered to be concluded between Users, for example, a concluded Sales Agreement is considered to be concluded between the Buyer and the physical or legal person selling specific goods (hereinafter the Seller).
  5. The Terms of Use are inextricably linked to the Privacy Terms.
  6. When creating a Basaar account, the User undertakes to provide true and complete data, among other things, the User undertakes to provide his/her first and last name and valid contact information.
  7. The User confirms that the User has all the necessary rights to make transactions in the Basaar, including the User's legal capacity.
  8. The terms of use apply to all Basaar Users in any way when buying from Basaar and using the Basaar.com environment, including making purchases and selling goods, preparing transactions, and fulfilling obligations.
  9. The user undertakes to ensure that his activity in the Basaar is legal.

Adding goods for sale

  1. The user can offer goods for sale through Basaar.
  2. To add a product, the user must add the title, description, category, and price of the product.
  3. Basaar's commission of 15% is added to the price of the goods.
  4. When executing a sales transaction, the Seller pays a commission for the transaction to Basaar, which is deducted automatically when the transaction is executed.
  5. Basaar is not responsible for the authenticity of the description, images, and title of the goods added by the Seller.
  6. The user is prohibited from using the Basaar for illegal transactions, including fraud, transactions contrary to good manners, selling illegal or counterfeit goods, etc. The seller is obliged to ensure that the sale of goods is legal and does not violate the rights of third parties. Among other things, it is forbidden to sell goods in the Bazaar, the sale of which is required by law to have an entry in the registration, an activity permit or license, or another equivalent document. It is also forbidden to sell things that are prohibited to trade in the Republic of Estonia. The seller may not sell goods that damage the rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights, etc.).
  7. The seller is obliged to pick up the remaining products at the end of the sales period.
  8. If the Seller has not picked up the products at the end of the sales period, a fee of €5 will apply for each additional day. After 3 days, Basaar donates the remaining products as a donation.
  9. If the Seller has been informed that the lost goods have been found, the Seller has 14 days to pick up the goods, and if the goods have not been picked up on time, i.e. from 14 days later, the Basaar will donate the goods.
  10. If the Seller does not show up at the store on the start date of the reservation, we will keep the point of sale active for only 3 days. After 3 days, the seller loses the place of sale.

Price and product information

  1. The seller undertakes to ensure the correctness, completeness, and up-to-dateness of the price and product information provided in the Basaar. Basaar is not responsible for price or product information provided on Basaar.
  2. If the Seller is a taxable person, the prices presented in the Basaar must include taxes (including VAT) and other possible fees according to the rate provided by law.

Payment, transfer of money to the seller's account

  1. The buyer pays the sales price of the goods in full in advance.
  2. You can pay for the order using the payment methods offered in the shopping cart.
  3. If the Buyer does not have enough funds in the account to make the payment, the order will be canceled automatically.

Consumer rights

  1. In the event that a sales contract is concluded between a consumer Buyer and an entrepreneur/trader Seller within the meaning of the Law of Obligations Act and the Consumer Protection Act, the Seller must guarantee the Buyer all rights related to consumer sales.
  2. If the sales contract is concluded between private individuals, the Buyer does not have a 14-day right of withdrawal. Basaar only offers an intermediary service, so Bazaar is neither the owner of the goods nor the seller of the goods.


  1. The Seller is responsible for the fulfillment of the order, including delivery of goods and defective goods. Basaar mediates the communication between the Buyer and the Seller, but Basaar is not responsible for the fulfillment of the contract, and Basaar is not responsible for any defects. Also, Bazaar is not responsible for the correctness, legality, or completeness of the information published by the Seller.
  2. Each User is responsible for personally concluded transactions, as well as for inappropriate and/or illegal transactions, behavior, and/or communication. The user is responsible for all statements, actions, transactions, etc. made when logging in using his username and password. Basaar has no obligation to identify the User in any other way.
  3. Each User is responsible for calculating, declaring, and paying taxes related to transactions (including income tax, sales tax).
  4. Neither the Basaar nor the owner of the Basaar is, in any case, the owner of the goods sold in the Basaar.
  5. Users are responsible for transactions concluded through Bazaar in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.
  6. The Basaar solution is offered on an "as is" basis. Basaar does not make any assurances to Users that Basaar will fully meet the User's needs or guarantee that a certain result will be achieved, or that Basaar will operate without errors. Basaar is not responsible for technical errors, interruptions, stops or other shortcomings of Bsaar's solution, including communication interruptions.
  7. Basaar is not responsible for program errors that occur in Basaar.
  8. Basaar is not responsible for malware or internet fraud (including phishing) that Users distribute through Basaar.
  9. Basaar is not responsible under any circumstances for the fulfillment of obligations or damages arising from the legal relationship between Users.
  10. Basaar is only liable in a legal relationship with the User for gross negligence or intentional direct property damage.
  11. Basaar is not responsible for lost revenue.
  12. Basaar is not responsible for lost products.

Ad removal and account closure

  1. The Basaar has the right to remove the goods from the shop if the goods are not as described or any other related fact contradicts the Terms of Use, valid legislation, or good manners.
  2. Basaar has the right to limit the functionality of the User's account and/or close the User's account if the User violates these Terms of Use, among other things, Basaar has the right to close the account if:
  3. The user provides incorrect, inaccurate, misleading, or illegal information on or to Basaar;
  4. The data entered by the user (including the description of the goods, the characteristics of the goods) are contrary to these Terms of Use, good manners or valid legislation;
  5. The User has repeatedly failed to fulfill his obligations towards other Users, in particular, but not only, failed to pay or accept the goods ordered as a Buyer, or failed to deliver the goods despite payment as a Seller;
  6. At least three claims have been received regarding the user's activity or previous claims have not been resolved;
  7. The User has submitted at least three misleading and/or unfounded claims about other Users.
  8. The user has the right to object to the removal of goods from the Basaar, restriction of the functionality of his account or closure of the account by contacting the Basaar by writing to the e-mail address care@basaar.com or the account itself under the account settings erase.
  9. The User does not have the right to demand that Basaar close or delete the account if the User has unfulfilled obligations towards Basaar and/or other Users. The user's account will not be deleted until the legal deadline for contesting it has passed since the last transaction was made.
  10. The user has the right to close his account in Basaar, to delete the account write to us care@basaar.com.

Processing of personal data

  1. The Privacy Terms apply to the processing of personal data.

Dispute Resolution

  1. If the Buyer has any claims against the Seller, please forward them directly to the Seller or via Basaar to the e-mail address care@basaar.com. Bazaar recommends trying to resolve disputes through negotiation.

    Basaar reserves the right to change the Terms of Use and to update and change Basaar (including the website and its technical solution). These changes will be reflected on the Basaar.com website. The conditions applicable at the time of the transaction are applied to the transaction. The user can save, print and, if necessary, reproduce the terms of use before making a purchase.