About us

Basaar is the home of vintage, preloved and new fashion.

The idea for Basaar began in 2012 in the forests of Estonia, where Sander and Silver came up with the idea to develop a customer to customer marketplace for preloved and vintage fashion. After applying to an app competition and winning it, Basaar was born in 2013.

The platform worked but not as we liked, that's why in 2018 we added Liisa-Maria to the founders team and started building a new app while giving Basaar a totally new branding and image. The mission is to save the environment through reuse, one t-shirt at a time. (Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? Crazy right..) 


Sander Hage
Liisa-Maria Lillepea
Silver Hage
Anastassija Levina
Sarah N├Ámm


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