What kind of items can I sell on Basaar?

Basaar is created for women’s fashion : clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery.. you name it! Everything preloved or new that needs to find a new owner.

You can choose whether you would like to search for specific items or users. Go to the search bar and type a descriptive word.
Some tips for searching:

When searching for users you can search by both the full name or username.

You can use multiple search terms to narrow your search. For example “vintage jacket” or “red dress”.

Want to see items from just one brand? 

Type “Adidas” and you’ll see items from Adidas.

Does Basaar have a wish list? How can I save items for later?

Yes! 😍 Under every item you see a small button with a heart on it — that’s our Luv button. Tap it, if you like something and would like to save it for later. Now go to your profile and view all of the items that you have Luv’d.

Does Basaar offer Estonian customer service?

Yes, while the app is in English, our customer service people speak both English and Estonian.

Who’s behind Basaar? What’s the story?

Our founder Sander started noticing more and more of his female friends selling their clothes on Facebook back in 2013. When he asked them why they’re doing it, they told him that going to flea markets takes way too much effort. 
That’s when the idea for Basaar was born.

Sander sent his idea to the EMT App-millionaire competition and ended up winning the competition out of 10 000 ideas.


How can I edit my items?

You can edit your items by going to your Basaar profile, tapping on one of your items and then you can see a “Edit” button. Tapping the button allows you to edit the price, photos, descriptions etc. You can also change your products pictures.

How can I delete my items?

You can mark your items as sold by going to your Basaar profile, tapping on one of your items and then you can see a green “Edit” button. Tapping the button allows you to select “Mark Item as Sold”.
Please note that once you mark an item as sold, you cannot unmark it.

A Buyer wants me to complete the order outside of Basaar. Is this OK?

No. ❗️We urge you to not respond to Sellers who request that you complete the order outside of Basaar. This type of offer is against our policy, may be fraudulent, and is not covered by our buyer protection.

What is Basaar Pay?

You earn Basaar credits to your Basaar Pay account by successfully selling items on Basaar. You can use your Basaar Credits to buy awesome items on Basaar or cash out anytime by clicking on the ”Withdraw” button on your profile. Once you send us a Withdraw request, we will wire the money to your bank account in 1 working day.

How can I make more sales?

Presentation is everything! Try to take beautiful and attractive photos, when you really want to sell something.

Use natural lighting and capture your item from many different angles. 
The more photos the better.

Also, check out our Photo Guide and Selling Guide.

Can I sell fake items on Basaar?

Selling fakes or replicas on Basaar is not allowed and they will be removed by our admins. When you’re selling designer goods, please include photos of the packaging, closeups of the labels or materials.

Why do my photos have low quality when I’m uploading a new item?

We only use lower resolution photos during the uploading process to make the app faster. When you publish your item, it will have high resolution photos.


Is buying on Basaar safe?

Yes, because Basaar handles all of the transactions and provides Buyer Protection. Sellers are guaranteed to get paid when they make a successful sale (i.e. the buyer receives the item) and buyers are guaranteed to get the items they ordered.

I want to buy an item — how do I pay?

Basaar supports both Swedbank and SEB Estonian bank links, PayPal and credit/debit cards and you can also pay with you Basaar Credits if you like.

I want to buy multiple items from the same Seller — do I have to pay shipping for every item?

No. When you buy multiple items from the same Seller on the same day, we’ll refund the extra shipping fees to your Basaar account as Credits. For example: you buy one dress and one jacket from the Seller today and pay 2x shipping fees. In a short while you will see half of the shipping fees refunded to you as Basaar Credits.

I found something really nice on Basaar — can the seller reserve the item for me for a few days?

Maybe 😉Ask the Seller in the items comments if they can reserve it for you.

Can I swap items on Basaar?

Sure. Here’s a simple guide, on how to swap items on Basaar:

1.Find someone willing to swap an item with you.

2.To make it easy and secure for both, you should mark the item down to € 1 and pay the shipping fee. That way you get a shipping code for the item and you’re able to track your item.

I bought an item, but I didn’t get a confirmation email and the item is still on sale. What’s going on?

Something went wrong with your payment — please contact us immediately at care@thebasaar.com.

What happens when I’m not happy with my order (ie the item’s condition is worse than written in the items description)?

It is not possible to return items on Basaar, except when the item doesn’t match the description, the item wasn’t sent out, the item is damaged or when the item is a fake, but described as an original. Tap the “Not Happy” button within three (3) days of receiving your item in the Purchases menu on your Basaar Profile to contact our customer support. We will help you!

Shipping & Packing

Who pays for shipping?

The Buyer pays for shipping. All the Seller has to do is use the SmartPOST shipping code that is sent via email after the item has been purchased and follow the instructions in the same email.

Seller has the option to use delivery in person as well. When delivery in person is available, contact your seller in comments section to discuss where can you meet.

How does shipping and receiving work?

1. Shipping

When someone has purchased your item then you will receive a notification on your phone and on your email. Soon after you will receive a prepaid SmartPOST shipping code via email with instructions how to ship and pack your sold item. If you’re on iOS, you can also view the code on the sold item screen.

Please ship your item within 2 days of receiving that email. Once you’ve sent the item, please mark the item as “Shipped” under your sold product on Basaar Profile. If you’re not able to ship your item within this time (i.e. you’re out of town), then please notify us immediately.

You will receive your Basaar Credits when the buyer has received your item.

How to pack my items?

Pack your items carefully and make sure your box is sealed tightly. We wouldn’t want anything to get lost!

  • Make it “you”. Little details like a handwritten note can really make someones day.
  • Use boxes and bubble wraps for fragile items such as jewellery or sunglasses.
  • Also, check out our Shipping & Packing Guide.

2. Receiving

After buying an item on Basaar you will receive an email with the tracking number. You can track your item. When the seller has shipped the item, you should receive a text message with a code from SmartPOST in a couple of days.

Once you have received the text message, go and pick up your item at the SmartPOST Terminal and mark the item as “Received” under the Purchases menu on your Basaar Profile.

What happens when the buyer doesn’t mark the item “Received”?

No worries. After three (3) days, we assume that everything is fine and mark the item as “Received” automatically so that you can get your Credits.

Someone bought multiple items from me — do I have to ship every item separately?

No. When one Buyer bought 2 or more items from you on the same day, you can ship them in a single package by using just one of the shipping codes sent to you.

My SmartPOST shipping code doesn’t work. What’s going on?

It’s likely that the SmartPOST terminal you’re at is full. Please try to find another SmartPOST terminal nearby. You can see them all.


My withdraw is not working.

Don’t worry, just send us an email at care@thebasaar.com and we’ll take it from there.

I sent you a Withdrawal request. How long does it usually take?

Your requested sum will be wired to your bank account the next business day.

Please contact us at care@thebasaar.com if you have any questions not answered in the FAQ.

How can I delete my Basaar account?

Very sorry to see you go. 😔 Just send us an email at care@thebasaar.com and we’ll take it from there.