Seller Protection

Basaar covers our sellers with Seller Protection. 

In order to be covered, you have to: 

  • sell your item or items in the app
  • sell your items only with Slide to BUY
  • sell only these items that are allowed (list siit)
  • fill out the right details in the selling and shipping process, you can find all the details under Notifications Tab
  • keep proof of shipping, you'll receive a shipping confirmation paper from Smartpost when you deliver the item.

You're not covered by Seller Protection if: 

  • you sold the item outside of Basaar app and didn't use the Slide to BUY button
  • the item you are selling is on the forbidden items list
  • the item was a non-material good, such as event tickets, airline tickets, service
  • you made the transaction by meeting in person

Basaar Protection

Basaar is a trusted platform and we will ensure, that your money is in a safe place and that your transactions are always protected.

However, we value our community, so in the event something goes wrong and you have done everything by the book, we'll ensure you don’t lose out.

As stated previously, the option ‘meet in person’ is not covered by either Buyer or Seller Protection, as neither we or PayPal are able to verify any shipping details.