Packing guide

It looks like you made a successful sale. Congrats!

Here’s a simple guide with small tips on how to pack and ship your item successfully.

  • Try reusing cardboard boxes, strong paper bags or plastic bags lying around in your house. (Because we know you are a shopaholic.😉) So leave no waist behind and recycle!
  •  Pack your items carefully and make sure your package is sealed tightly. We wouldn’t want anything to get lost!
  •  Make it “you”. Little details like a handwritten note can really make someones day.
  •  Use stronger boxes and bubble wraps for fragile items such as jewellery and sunglasses.

Just make sure the package fits the correct size of the postage provider so you or your buyer won’t need to pay extra.

Anything that needs more fragile care or can't have any water or dirt damages, place them in a bubble wrap or a plastic bag. 

It's always important to keep in mind to pack your item in a way you would like to receive one.