Photo Guide

A few simple steps to take awesome photos of your items, because better photos can mean more sales!  
Show different sides of your item. You can take up to 8 photos of your item: front (which is also the cover photo), sidebackdetail (to show some special detail or the material up close) and look (a full length photo of how you wear the item). 

How to take great photos:

  • Use natural lighting. Taking your photos in natural daylight ensures that the colours in the picture are the same as in real life. Don’t take photos in the dark — using a flash can alter the item’s colour.
  • Sharper is better. Don’t upload blurry or low resolution photos.
  • Keep it simple. Always use neutral backgrounds and try maintaining the same style while taking pictures of the same item. Don’t upload photos with a messy background.
  • Don't overdo it with filters.
  • Show the whole item. Try to avoid cropping the image too close or taking photos from weird angles.
  • Take your own photos. Don't use photos from online shops, blogs etc.

Some additional tips:

  • Don’t use watermarks.
  • Don’t show two similar items in one photo (ie one red and one black dress), because it’s not clear what’s being sold.